Total Sport Summit 2024 represented a significant milestone in the realm of sports management. Spanning two days, this esteemed event brought together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts from across the globe, providing a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and exploration. Hosted in the scenic city of Paphos, Cyprus, the summit served as a hub of innovation, fostering collaboration and inspiring progress within the global sports community.


Day One: Setting the Stage

The summit kicked off with a warm welcome from Roman Dubov, Managing Partner of Total Sports Investments, paving the way for a series of insightful sessions and engaging discussions. Nikki Karagiorgi, representing Cyprus Football Tourism, highlighted the country’s potential as a destination for football tourism, emphasizing its unique offerings and strategic advantages.

Respected speakers, such as Marcos Motta, Partner at Bichara e Motta Advogados, explored the complex legal aspects of football, while Ivan Zhiznevsky, Founder and CEO of 3S Money, spearheaded a conversation on streamlining payments in the global sports markets, offering valuable insights into the evolving sports industry landscape. Notable contributions from Neil Macfarlane of Brentford FC B Team and Jason Puncheon added depth to the discussions, shedding light on the operational intricacies of football clubs and the evolving role of technology in sports management.


Day Two: Embracing Innovation and Collaboration

The second day of the summit saw attendees gathering with anticipation to explore the transformative power of innovation in sports management. Presentations by Capsbold, Maksim Diukov from TSI, and Vladimir Kravtsov of SportsBase highlighted the revolutionary impact of technology on football club operations, talent scouting, and performance analysis.

Attendees also enjoyed a friendly football match, promoting camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants. Following the game, a delightful lunch was served, offering attendees the chance to network and exchange insights. Roman Dubov and esteemed speaker Tal Ben Haim led discussions during lunch, with Tal Ben Haim sharing his top-level experience and highlights of a career in leading clubs, covering various topics related to the sports industry. 


Reflecting on Success and Looking Ahead

Total Sports Summit 2024 served as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration, inspiring attendees to embrace new ideas and forge meaningful connections. As the summit concluded, participants left with renewed enthusiasm and a shared commitment to driving positive change in the sports industry. Total Sports Summit 2024 exemplified the convergence of innovation and inspiration, setting the stage for a future defined by endless possibilities and opportunities for growth.