At Sports Identity Solutions our clients in the hockey industry receive a bespoke and comprehensive representation service centered upon the knowledge and expertise provided by our agents, client services and staff.

The initial stage of our contract with a company consists of formation and subsequent improvement of the brand and image. We outline a list of priories for a particular club and its subdivisions. We engage the club with the relevant media streams to maximize its revenue channels. We also, in particular cases revive the link between the club and its fans.

We create bespoke media solutions for clubs which give out relevant and objective information to its fans. We also work towards improving the feel and convenience of sport arenas. We strive to create a ‘new’, bright, dynamic image of the club which at the same time honors its tradition and history.

Our aim is not only to create an attractive image for the public, but also to create a unique atmosphere inside the club, where each player will feel not as an employee, but as part of something larger. This will keep the morale high, and each victory will become unforgettable.