In the ever-evolving landscape of the National Football League, the financial prowess of NFL teams continues to soar. Forbes’ latest report on the most valuable NFL franchises in 2023 has unveiled remarkable figures and intriguing insights.


Record-Breaking Valuations:



Thanks to lucrative new television deals and stadium financing, the average value of each NFL team now stands at an astounding $5.1 billion. What’s even more astonishing is that as the league increases its debt limit, billionaire owners are poised to score even bigger.

The Washington Commanders set a new standard with their $6.05 billion purchase in July, led by a group spearheaded by Josh Harris. This figure marked an 8% increase over Forbes’ valuation from the previous year and a remarkable 30% more than the sale price of the Denver Broncos last August. The impact of this deal reverberated through the league, contributing to a 14% rise in the average NFL team’s value over the past year.


NFL vs. Other Leagues:

The aggregate value of the entire NFL, now estimated at $163 billion, is almost equivalent to the combined value of the NBA and MLB. The NFL’s dominance in the world of sports business is undeniable.

Average Team Values (2023):

  1. NFL (32 teams): $5.11 billion
  2. NBA (30 teams): $2.86 billion
  3. MLB (30 teams): $2.32 billion
  4. Soccer (top 30 teams): $2.17 billion
  5. Formula 1 (10 teams): $1.88 billion
  6. Indian Premier League (10 teams): $1.04 billion
  7. NHL (32 teams): $1.03 billion
  8. MLS (28 teams) $579 million


Challenges and Future Prospects:

While the Commanders deal was exceptional, with 20 limited partners, the NFL may need to consider relaxing some of its strict rules for future owners. Current rules stipulate that a general partner must own at least 30% of a team, a higher threshold than other major sports leagues.


In the months ahead, the NFL is expected to increase its debt limit to accommodate prospective buyers. With larger piles of TV revenue coming in, this debt becomes more manageable. The league has secured significant television deals, including Amazon’s Thursday Night Football deal, promising $125.5 billion through 2033.


The NFL’s vision is not just about higher team prices when they are sold but also about securing its financial stability. These visionary strategies, combined with the league’s solid credit rating, make the NFL a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports finance.