According to Sportico, Manchester United retains its title as the Premier League’s most valuable club, boasting a remarkable 28% valuation surge over the past two years, reaching an impressive US$5.95 billion.

United leads the pack, with arch-rivals Liverpool closely following at US$4.71 billion, securing the second spot. Manchester City claims the third position with a valuation of US$4.43 billion.

Arsenal climbs to fourth place, now valued at US$3.6 billion, surpassing Chelsea, who lands in fifth with US$3.47 billion. Notably, Chelsea had the lowest value growth at just four percent among Premier League clubs over the past two years.

Newcastle United emerges as the dark horse, securing the tenth spot and witnessing a staggering 63% increase in value to reach US$440 million between 2021 and 2023.

Premier League clubs collectively earned over US$7 billion last season, with the average top-flight team now estimated to be worth US$1.51 billion.

The surge in valuations across all clubs is attributed to the increased total value of the Premier League’s media rights. The return of fans to stadiums has also ignited a revenue boost for teams, mitigating the financial impact of pandemic measures.