Pafos, Cyprus, June 2nd , 2021 – With the 2020/21 season over, Pafos Club’s President Sergey Lomakin and Chairman of Pafos FC Ltd Roman Dubov, looked back at the campaign and offered some conclusions in an official statement.

“Another interesting season for Pafos has come to an end and we want to offer our sincere gratitude to all for the hard work and effort! We have demonstrated a great team spirit, we stayed together and have shown great loyalty and support for Pafos. The input of each one is invaluable.

Our fans were exemplary throughout the season, standing by the team even in times when results were not favourable. We feel your passion and commitment, your love for football and the team. You are the best!

Our sponsors have supported and encouraged the club for the achievements through highs and lows. Special ‘’thank you’’ to our biggest and most loyal partner, Korantina Homes and Club’s Vice President George Ioannou for playing an important role in the Club’s life.

The players, they did an exceptional job. They presented to us quite an attractive and objective driven football and we intend to keep it alive. We finished with 63 points and 18 wins! This is a record for Pafos. A job well done. Alongside with the record number of points in total, the team set the new record in goals scored in a game. That being said, we still remember our target and we will not stop fighting until we reach the 1st place, as this is the only place that counts!

Team’s success of course was directed by a brilliant technical team. Our sporting department have shown the virtue of hard work and determination.

Special thanks to Michel Salgado who helped the team in uneasy period. His motivation, experience and personal approach to players lifted the team’s spirit and have proven crucial to overcoming the hardships.

Personal thanks to Stephen for his input both as a sporting director and as a head coach. Even though we did not reach the desired championship play-off group, with his help we proved that we are moving in the right direction and we have the ability to fight for the higher places. His leadership opened the opportunities for players to realise their potential and resources and this is invaluable.

All the support work behind the scenes: accommodation and transport, field maintenance, communications with fans and media is not always seen, but are the necessary ingredients to our success. Diligent work was performed by the administrative staff who did a great job.

We also have had to make some structural changes along the way and release managers when we knew it was not in the best interests to keep them. It must be said that although that they are no longer with us, we thank them for their part in the story.

This season has seen personal challenges for many of us due to the global pandemic, but despite that we managed to adapt.

Although we didn’t finish where we planned, this season we witnessed some wonderful football being played! We had some great wins in the hardest matches with the strongest teams in the League, including APOEL and AEL. We also had the youngest player in Pafos history debuting for the Club.

We are steadily moving forward in youth development with the number of kids in the academy growing and infrastructure already being one of the best in Cyprus. Over 5 players from the youth team will be invited to the pre season camp with the first team.

This season has seen a great development of Pafos off the pitch as well, with the launch of new projects, such as the renovation of the training base, the acquisition of the hotel facilities, the launch of the Esports department!

Although we have done well, it’s important to remember that we’ll need to be every bit as good next season and we feel we’ve learnt some valuable lessons. One of the great things about football is that there’s always room for improvement, we can all work on doing something just a little better. When everyone does that, the results can be amazing – and we believe that everyone involved is giving their all for the team!

Our progress will continue. A lot has been done and a lot more to do. Pafos will remain committed, focussed, strong and most importantly ‘Together’. We are excited to see how we will all embrace the legacy of this season in the future.

We have big plans for the upcoming season. We are optimistic that the club is ready to fight for the top of the league and we will need the best support from all of you! We will continue to develop our unique style of play, promote youth talent and provide long term sustainability of this team.

The technical team has already been given its recruitment target, management is working on the new infrastructure projects and clubs marketing strategy. The New season has already started here in Pafos.

We are in action already! We have a confident belief in this club. We have real strengths. Great people. Strong values and a proud history. We are Pafos!”