Vaščuks: “The Key to Success? We have become more united!”

“In fact, this really difficult game. To be honest, I believe that a referee should not be judged as it did in this game. Otherwise, it’s definitely worth mentioning every team footballer – we were all men, “said FC BogdanVaščuks, the FC front-line player after the game, who played against the” Ventspils “with two beautiful goals, but once hit the goalkeeper.

“Clearly, the fourth game in 12 days left an impression – it was difficult. But you saw that all the guys stood, everything is great. Clearly in the previous games we had confidence in ourselves. It was felt in this game in Ventspils. Four consecutive games have been defeated, confidence is. We are not afraid of any opponent, we go to the square and play football safely, “continued Bogdan.

Vaščuks also commented on his position on the field: “Yes, the coach decided this time to place me on the left. Worked! In the first goal, Sato gave a great shot, but I just picked up the ball  underneath myself  and with the left foot in the corners. In the second goal, in fact, the same thing – I got a ball under the left leg and again hit the far corner. This is all that special! I did not enjoy the opportunities in the previous games, I was not pleased, but I knew that there would be more moments and getting ready. ”

“What makes this team strong? The key to success? We have become more united! Here is the result! The coach quickly explained what and how to do on the field. We perceived it. He wants to see a lot of interactions from us. He says he always wants to see football from us. Do not be afraid! If something fails, then think that at the next moment it will succeed. ”

On September 30, Riga FC will host the 24th round of Latvian football Virsliga against Spartak Jurmala. The beginning of the match at the Skonto Stadium is scheduled to be at 19:20. “I think that” Spartak “is not stronger than” Ventspils “. Let’s get three points all the time. We now have each game as a six-point match. Each match has to be won. Goals are just the highest! ”

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