TSI is supporting minifootball

Total sports has made it real to bring InStat on EMF Euro 2017

Brno, 11 June 2017

Total Sport is pleased to announce opportunity for all participants of EMF Euro and minifootball fans to get InStat’s enhanced statistics and analytical services.

Any team, same as for individuals could order detailed graphs, analysis and eye-friendly infographics about all EMF Euro matches.

InStat service will be currently available in official EMF Euro mobile app named Futbalito.

EMF, is the administrative body for minifootball in Europe and part of Asia. It is one of six continental confederations of world football’s governing body, the World Minifootball Federation. EMF consists of 28 national associations.

Futbalito is the worldwide minifootball community tool. It’s been developed as a worldwide sport management system, same as social community network and business toolset