London, United Kingdom – 05 July 2021, Total Sports Investments announces creation of a Medical Department for the whole Football Group with Mikhail Vartapetov to head it.

The role of medicine in football has become crucial in modern game and TSI is aiming to make a substantial contribution to the area. The new Medical Department will focus on rehabilitation for football players, deploying best medical practices and methodologies.

Mikhail Vartapetov, who has over 30 years of medical and football medical experience, will lead the project. Mikhail started his career in 1986 as a traumatologist in an emergency medical brigade in Moscow, later being Head Doctor and Head of Medical Department in Russian football clubs FC Khimki and FC Spartak Moscow, country’s most successful club with 12 Soviet champion titles and a record 10 Russian champion titles.

Vartapetov will focus on creating a medical structure around all TSI Football Group’s Clubs, developing a strategy and unified methodology to standardise and improve the work of medical staff within the clubs.

The future of the Medical Department will see opening of a specialized Medical Center, equipped with the latest medical facilities.

Utilising the best proven rehabilitation protocols, the newly created department will aim to reach the highest standards of football medicine by providing comprehensive programs and testing options to maximise performance and minimize chances of injury for the players.